The Finer Things In Life

Sometimes life goes
By so fast,
You can forget to stop
And take it all in,
And you forget
About the small things,
The finer things in life.
Like a cold drink
On a sunny summer day,
Or your favourite
Song playing on the radio,
Or the dark hush
Of the cinema before
The movie starts.
Or the smell of
You home when you
Return after a holiday.
Or singing along to
Some old song
With your friends.
Or reading your
Favourite book again,
Or walking through
The park on a sunny day,
Watching the people
Mill about,
Wrapped up in
Their own lives.
Sometimes it just
Makes sense to
Stop and look around
For a while.

© Charlie F. Kane


by Charlie F. Kane

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Wonderful advice and oh so true. Regards Patricia Gale