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The Fir-Tree And The Palm
(13 December 1797 – 17 February 1856 / Dusseldorf)

The Fir-Tree And The Palm

A lonely fir-tree standeth
On a height where north winds blow ;
It sleepeth, with whitened garment,
Enshrouded by ice and snow.

It dreameth of a palm-tree,
That far in the Eastern land,
Lonely and silent, mourneth
On its burning shelf of sand.

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The Fir And Palm-Tree Enshrouded In Dream Wedded Impossibilities lonely is the fir tree lonely on the height where the north winds blow by day blow by night lonely is the fir tree sleeping on solitary windy height cacooned in an ice snow whitened silk garment; the fir tree sleeps bitter winter sleeping through dreaming of an exotic palm-tree the winter through in a far Eastern land where a cold wind never blew in a far Eastern land hot where love a palm-tree grew; lonely silent is the palm-tree mourning in an Eastern land lonely silent mourning alone on its burning shelf of sand dreaming of the fir tree sleeping in cold north winds land; the fir tree wearing snow and ice abides high in northern climes the palm-tree wearing sand and sun abides in heat hot eastern lands dreaming fir tree weeping palm-tree dream wedded impossibilities; Copyright © Terence George Craddock Inspired by the poem 'The Fir-Tree And The Palm' by the poet Heinrich Heine. Dedicated to the poet Henrich Heine.
I enjoyed the contrast between a hot and cold climate, the fir and palm-tree, the dreaming of the fir tree for the weeping palm-tree extends the context of the poem delightfully. entered twice I fear, read 'The Palm'