PG (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

The Fire Part 2

We are burning up in the flames,
Tangled sheets around our feet,
For we have woven gold,
Our hearts beating as one,
Eyes of baby blue,
And your eyes as black as coal.

We are sinners in this fire,
We create love, we create desire,
Glasses clinking,
In the sparkling lights,
Of the club,
Soul classics playing on.

People dance, heart to heart,
The night full of promise,
And the night young,
People talking together,
The night any night,
Of any year you could mention.

It could be spring, summer,
Autumn or winter,
Clubs always full of the lonely,
Looking for a shoulder to cry on,
Looking for love and companionship;
Someone to kiss goodnight.

The fire catches spirits,
People becoming one,
As they light up their hearts,
And listen to those soul classics,
That are smooth and mellow,
Music that speaks of a soul deep love.

Touches are like purple silk,
And the softness of Egyptian cotton,
Diamonds and pearls,
Adorning throats and ears,
While dresses pull over shoulders,
And heels slide down ankles,
The night designed for love.

Love dances in the night,
Love dances in a fire,
It is a happy birthday,
A merry Christmas,
For those who fall in love,
Where fire burns,
For yesterday, today,
And for all of eternity.

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