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The Fires Within

The fire in side me is burning
I cant control it its taking over my body
The rage the pain everything is going wrong
Out of my hands I cant fix it
I want to cry
I need to cry
But I cant, the shame of showing how I really feel
Is unbearable
If only they knew how it feels
How it feels to be me
To walk the jagged path I walk
I have to be perfect
Anything less is…
No I cant even think about anything less
I know what you want to say
“your life is so great”
But you aren’t me
your life isn’t mine
and you don’t know what its like to live my life
I shouldn’t keep it all bottled up I know
I shouldn’t keep feeding the monster inside
Or it just grows stronger, angrier
And the real me falls further away from reality
With each passing day I struggle for the grade
To keep the friends I have
And impress the people I meet so they don’t see through the mask that hides the girl within
But soon I wont have to worry about her she’ll be gone
Like dust in the wind
A wave on the ocean
Burned by the fire inside so she can never reveal the real me
The not so perfect, cant handle the weight of the world version
The one who secretly cries herself to sleep then is ashamed of it
I wish It didn’t have to be like this
A lie
With the rage and pain of everyday life
This is my cry for help
The little girl is crying for help why wont you help her
Is there still time to save her or is it to late
Has the coarse of time taken its toll in hiding the girl forever?
The fire inside is burning, put it out.

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Jess, I hear you. However, the first step must come from within yourself. I believe you have the strength to do that. Best of luck, Jerry