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The First Day
CS (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)

The First Day


The first day you entered my world,
Tears fell from a place inside of my heart that I had never known,
yet falling from my eyes.
These tears born to an emotion with a power so overwhelming.
This was the day your soul chose to begin its destiny.
This day you blessed my life with the most cherished gift,
the gift of giving you life.
This was the first day we met my beautiful boy,
the first day of your journey that lay ahead of you this lifetime.
This day our souls reunite and travel once again together.
You held a key that unlocked a place in my heart that was always yours.
This was the day you opened my heart to love with completeness,
Love that knows no boundaries and has no conditions.
Before you were born i wished upon a star for you-
Today my wish came true -
I love you.

September 2005

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