The First Gay American Idol Part 2

Poem By Ramona Thompson

No more hiding it
No more denying it
If I'm lucky enough to make it to the big finale
If I'm lucky enough to win this whole freakin' thing
Then no matter what anybody says or wants
I'm going ahead and making that announcement
I'm taking it public and putting an end to the rumors at last

I kiss other guys
And I like it
Love it
Ain't a bit ashamed to admit it
I am what I am
Win or lose
Ain't no fancy little tv show gonna go changin' that

So bring it, bring it on
Rock on
Throw everything you got my way
Guaranteed gentlemen and dolls
The Lambert is still gonna come out on top
Because if I don't....
The truth behind this show is gonna come out right along with yours truly

Only a short time left
It's up to you now
You know who you are
Make it fair, baby
Make it square or there's be some hella bad stuff to pay for
Same as all the straight rest
Do what's best and give the gay guy an even chance

2009 Ramona Thompson

Comments about The First Gay American Idol Part 2

there's something i like about this... but i can't tell what it is that i like... well done

5 out of 5
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