The First Hospital Visit

I stand there waiting
In the hall
I hate this place
Where you unfortunately are
I see you lying in the bed
Mom is at your side
Trying to trick you into taking your meds
But all you do is cry

I step from inside the room
Sitting in a chair in the hall
I feel a tear trickle down my cheek
The tough girl I once was is lost

I fear that Death will knock on your door
Even though you’re only seven
And all the doctors say your fine

I somehow spot Dad crying in the corner
My insides shatter like they’re made of glass
I watch my old man cry
He seemed so invincible once

My tears stop coming
But now I feel
That I have to be the brave one
To stand by you when you are down
To make sure you take your meds
I have to be there when you’re blurry eyed
And throwing up in the PICU
I’m the one to defend you
When you’re too weak to do it yourself

Sitting in that hallway
All alone
A nurse comes over to me
All she does is hug me
Then turns off to leave

Somehow that one gestured
I feel reassured
That one hug
Proved something the doctors
My dad
Or my mom
Couldn’t get through my thick head
Everything’s going to be okay

I walk down the halls
Looking at the patients inside their rooms
They all have families that care for them

Then I stop at room 114
Inside is a girl about my age
She has no family with her
Except her snoring mother in a chair
She looks unhappy
So I smile and wave
Looking at me she smiles

My dad calls my name
It’s time to leave
I turn back to the girl
But she’s busy taking her meds

I scurry back to your room
Where you are being entertained by our uncle
You beckon me closer to you
You whisper in my ear
“You better start practicing MLB 05
‘Cause I’m going to win every time”
I just smile

That’s my boy.

by Tibby Dames

Comments (2)

very good write Tibby! big smile and hug to you and your little brother. keep up the good work! peace, Darby
very touching piece, Tibby. impressively genuine. this brings back many memories for me. fine work. -Tailor B.