The First Lesson Of Life On Mother's Lap!

*How sad my poor Mom pawned her earrings for my books and she replaced some cloves on her earlobe?

Poor Mother is an Autumn in the chilly Winter.
That warmth you never get anywhere?
She reads a passage from the book of life
Keeping me as a soft toy on her lap.
'Hey! My little rascal what you see in the books?
One day you have to be there and see from your visual eye.
Mountains, Seas, Rivers, Brooks, Streams
Caves, Animals, Real human and else!
I remember one full Moon day she asked;
'What's your intension Johnny? '
I said that I want to be a Pilot!
Then she said with a wry smile;
'Somehow that's good, but what you gain from the barren sky?
Try to be a Skin Diver if possible at least you could see the hidden treasure at the mysterious bottom of the Ocean! '

Humbly to all Mothers in the World!

by nimal dunuhinga

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