The First Night After Marriage

It was the extreme dark as no-moon night
Continuously drizzling from long hours
Load shading was active on its routine job
The jackals were howling in bamboo clusters.

by Asit Kumar Sanyal Click to read full poem

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do comment on this one o gr8 poet MEMORIES ARE for life long it has nothing to do with age at each stage memories are recorded indelibly for times again we can recall it ah when we want it dementia be not a refrain memories we love for ever alas not in vain but through our veins now please read my poems MOM'S SMILES TO BEGIN WITH lovely memory it depicts
ur appear to be a humane poet of love glad to have read your poetry again do read mine I also am a romantic poet for ever in love''''at 15 in India isn't it rape and she was so young BUT I ADMIRE your admission young gal you enjoyed so much each day she comes in your eyes but that look never....second time
The First Night After Marriage, beautifully portrayed in the surrounds of your ancestral house in West Bengal. Loveliest photograph of a Bride you added here, The jackals were howling in bamboo clusters. Eerie side description here. Does rain represent fertility? This marriage promises much fertility, I reckon.I have read a most beautiful First Night After Marriage Poem which is presented in a marvelous way. A 10 Full Vote. G.B.U. Amen.
The rain had loosened its grip but she did not It was my ancestral house in west Bengal. A NIGHT OF LOVE AND FEAR - - -THE RAINS TATTERING ON THE TIN ROOF Nice experience It's not necessary to devour on the first night We are not animals
Beautiful romantic poem written with clarity of mind, and elegantly embellished with poetic rhyme and rhythm. Lovely and very passionate. Thanks for sharing Asit and do remain enriched.
Extremely interesting and gripping narrative. You have succeeded in recreating the scene. Thanks.
beautiful poem about marriage Her soft voice was whispering in my ear Her long black hair covered me to sway I was melting like an iceberg in South Pole Suddenly the rain started … I drifted away. sometimes in life marriage is too much for others thats why they dont last thanks for sharing
A good poem! Jovially you narrated the situation with apt words...
Good poem but what happen next?
Alovely poem loaded with love.
Process to continue...lovely poem
A very wonderful poem.