(8 December 1913 - 11 July 1966 / Brooklyn / New York / United States)

The First Night Of Fall And Falling Rain

The common rain had come again
Slanting and colorless, pale and anonymous,
Fainting falling in the first evening
Of the first perception of the actual fall,
The long and late light had slowly gathered up
A sooty wood of clouded sky, dim and distant more and
Until, at dusk, the very sense of selfhood waned,
A weakening nothing halted, diminished or denied or set
Neither tea, nor, after an hour, whiskey,
Ice and then a pleasant glow, a burning,
And the first leaping wood fire
Since a cold night in May, too long ago to be more than
Merely a cold and vivid memory.
Staring, empty, and without thought
Beyond the rising mists of the emotion of causeless
How suddenly all consciousness leaped in spontaneous
Knowing without thinking how the falling rain (outside, all
In slow sustained consistent vibration all over outside
Tapping window, streaking roof,
running down runnel and drain
Waking a sense, once more, of all that lived outside of us,
Beyond emotion, for beyond the swollen
distorted shadows and lights
Of the toy town and the vanity fair
of waking consciousness!

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ll, The long and late light had slowly gather ... and that comma needs to be a period. Jesus Christ, this site must suck.
, for beyond the swollen distorted shadows and lights It has to be " FAR beyond" or else the last lines drag off into a stupid fragment... Would you idiots who can please correct this> \? Dang it. If you love poetry, then post it accurately.
and it's faintly you fools not fainting You posters cannot read very well.
It has to be " far beyond." Do your job.
It has to be “far beyond” for chrissakes doesnt it? Who edits this stuff? Respect it enough to do it right.