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The First Place I Remember
RG (June 1,1965 / Cheltenham, U.K.)

The First Place I Remember

Is a Gower seaside suburb,
Little streets up from the bay
To Clyne Common, built on now,
Hand in hand with my mother
On afternoons before school.
And off Glen Road, a track
Past a monkey-puzzle tree,
Open fields, and through a gate
The churchyard, Gothic angels
With mute swans' wing-spans:
Out we walked; and down
Along a driveway through woodland
Tangled with the sun
And suddenly - the bustle.
Town, country folded together:
I knew no other.

Brighton, and the Downs
On an empty afternoon; and
I think about the day
My mother dies, and I shall walk
Up from the sea, little streets
To the edge of nothingness.

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