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! The First Poem By The First Poet
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! The First Poem By The First Poet

Poem By Michael Shepherd

i'm intrigued by the ur-poem
by allan j saywell
entitled grunt
which is
the first poem
by the first poet:

how do we know he was a poet
saywell he say so
but think about how
it happened

one day Grunt
for that was his name
to himself saying grunt
and thought
that's quite a nice sound
if I say it carefully
it's got a sorta music to it

so he spent the rest of the day
giving it a swing
and a ring
and a dingadingding

his First Lady
liked it and smiled
and said
Grunty dear
although as a man
you're gorilla-dust and
although you still walk like a bush
that's music to my big ears
poets sure know
how to please a girl
and she gave him a big wet lippy kiss

the rest is pre-history

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Comments (5)

this had its moments, mostly smiling
Great sense of humor! Thanks to a definitely-non-cave-man poet for the chuckle!
'walk like a bush', that's nice. No pun, either (I hope) . Yeah, probably the way it happened.
Very funny Michael. Nice spin off Allans. :) Sincerely, Mary
Michael.....this is another one of your finest poems. :) Peace