The First Thing You Need To Know

Poem By Aiden Bird

The first thing you need to know, is that I don’t like you!
You smell like dirty socks.
You smoke after school, and think that chewing gum will mask that stale scent that you exhale.

You are a loud mouth, saying random things out loud which not only annoy the teacher, but also annoys the students that were listening intently only 1 millisecond ago.

You wear a flat cap to look cool, but hide your mistreated matt. You throw curses out of your mouth as if you were a pea shooter from Plants VS Zombies. You try to talk while eating but all we hear is muttering.

You advertise explicit pictures on your phone to people that are disgusted and you thought were your friend. You offer to wag and go down to the creek, but I say I’d rather learn new things than lose knowledge over the time I’d spend with you.

You think you know everything, but the only thing you know that’s useful is how to flush a toilet. Our final assessment is due, but you feel as if it’s a good time to play flight simulator on your phone.

You’ll not only fail school, you’ll fail life. That’s why I don’t like you.

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great write mate. may God bless you with a heart that loves.

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