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The First Time
RGC ( / Naperville, Illinois, USA)

The First Time

Poem By Ronald G. Coleman

A shooting star paints the ebony sky
With breathtaking beauty, its haste I decry,
Arousing a montage of emotions and dreams,
Welling the throat and setting agleam,
I am enraptured, held captive, by its heavenly scene.
T'was the way when I saw her the very first time,
Awakened with feelings that endear love sublime,
The very same splendor as when I beheld
A shooting star.
And now that I've found her she must not escape
I would perish for certain, my heart should she break,
Our love we must nurture, let it be all that it can,
Or forever we'll wonder of life's perfect plan
Of breathtaking beauty, and how it began...
A shooting star.

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