The First Time Is The Last Time

i dont kno what to feel
everything in the room looks plastic
all the words fell from his mouth
like petals of iris unfolding
but not as pretty

how to be now
what to say and do
i've never felt this way
and never want to again

so if come back
am i to just say yes
like nothing ever happened?
who does that?

cant act as if not one fiber attatched
i cant be cordial
i cant be civil
i want what i wanted
but it doesnt happen that way

im still coughing
and a little hole is burning
through my chest

something on the inside
is bleeding...

i cant translate this language
that you're speaking......

by Camilla Manda Vee

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A feeling of guilt and fear comes over me, I begin to think of how dumb the action of self harm was. I wish to keep the way you write simple and humple but craft and talent show shines
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