The Fish And The Eagle

Poem By Zak Raz

The color of the deep blue the eagle does not know,
The heat of the rising sun, the fish cannot fathom,
For the fish, water is life, its abode a beautiful
mystery, it’s vastness a silent elegy and its depth

For the Eagle, the Air its freedom, the wind
A lifting serenade, the open sky
a canvas for its all seeing
Sight, all the way to the land
that sustains it, and preserves,
That unyielding pride.

With two worlds so unlike,
How can these creatures ever see or understand,
Through each others mind?
Would the Fish disown the mysteries of its deep blue divine,
Or the Eagle bow down its boundless pride?
When neither can live nor suffer,
the life of the other.

But If the fish were not a fish,
and the eagle not an eagle,
Then perhaps they could glimpse,
A universe beyond their beings,
Where skies do not matter, nor freedom a reprieve,
Where the oceans are but a drop, miniscule
And insignificant as its mysteries,
Where all is one, yet all is none,
Where being the other only breeds,
A strange and resonant empathy.

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