(14 January 1953 - / Lucknow / India)

The Fish Is Thirsty (A Bhajan Of Kabir)

i burst into laughter
whenever i hear
that the fish is thirsty in water

without the knowledge of the Self,
people just wander
to Mathura or to Kashi,
like the musk-deer unaware
of the scent in his navel,
goes on running forest to forest.

in water is the lotus plant
and the plant bears flowers
and on the flowers are the bees buzzing,
likewise all yogis and mendicants
and all those who have renounced comforts,
are on here and hereafter
and the nether world -

Friend, the Supreme Indestructible Being -
on whom thousands of sages meditate
and even Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh,
really resides within one's self.

Although He is near, He appears far away -
and that is what makes one disturbed;
says Kabir, listen, O wise one,
by Guru alone is such confusion curbed.

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