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The Five Senses

In order to see, we need light
It doesn't even need to be that right.
Some people take for granted, their sight
But to lose it completely that would be a fright.

Light helps to determine the difference between day and night
When darkness draws near I put up a fight.
The memories of things that were never right
Think of the positives and hold on to them tight.

In order to hear we need sound
All different noises all around.
The slamming of a door causes my heart to pound
I try to hide and pray I won't be found.

You need to be able to use your ears
Remember familiar sounds from over the years.
How some noises to this day still fill me with fears
And at times resort me to tears.

We use out noses in order to smell
Some aroma's are so bad they want to make you yell.
The lingering smell of a dampened cell
Send them to prison and hope they go through hell.

Everyone has a different shaped nose
Take in the sweet smell of the rose.
Can't stnad the smell of cheesey toes
Wash them down and give them a good hose.

The tongue helps us to taste
All nice things we don't want to waste.
Eat little and often without too much haste
Keep up with all essential nutrients, just in case.

We need food, so must remember to eat
That's what helps to keep you up on your feet.
They would treat me like some piece of meat
Someone to take their frustration out on and beat.

The last of the sense's is being able to touch
And in a good way can mean so much.
To use your hands in order to clutch
To keep yourself safe and free yourself from the hutch.

Some materials can make you feel
So secure and in some cases may heal.
Take good care of the skin so it doesn't peel
They didn't care how it felt, to them it was no big deal.

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Langston Hughes


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