The Flag That Waves Against The Wind

Today I saw a funny thing
a flag that waves the wrong direction
My friend started questioning
but this gave me great satisfaction

What a mystery what awe
a memory I couldn’t erase
nature going against nature’s law
It brought a smile to my face

Why do we care what way to wave
why do we care about direction
why put limits on how to behave
Why strive for perfection

Oh to be like this flag
to do what you desire
to hell with the rhymes
I will write what I want

The confinement of the strong wind
that blows in my life
the courage to go against
feels often so far away

But I wave like the other flags
I do what I am told to do
I give in to the force of nothingness
while the flag is in my view

I gave my friend a shrug and smile
We both went on and grinned
you inspired me just for a while
the flag that waves against the wind

by A. V. Asreg

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A young mind's wavering heart.....just check up if it is the same when you're sixty....good write 10