The Flame Is Extinguished

they boast they are everywhere
but not for very much longer
for everyday the dragon and bear
in strength grow stronger and stronger

all their lodges will be closed down
organized crime syndicate too much of a threat
today there is a new boy in town
and on him i'll place my bet

gave away our missile technology
now the tiger roars all about
who ever thought up this methodology
must be suicidal there can be no doubt

rich once treated like a sacred cow
will soon be shot like a fat pig
before the firing squad made to kow tow
looks like they've come to the end of their gig

the great anglo american empire
just a tourist hub for the asian
all our wealth thrown on the funeral pyre
to sell hot dogs in jerusalem
//this poem may be censored or contain copying errors

by John Fenton Mcleish

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