The Flame Rages On

Roses are red.
Your hair is maroon.
Your eyes golden chocolate,
that makes my heart swoon.
Kisses like wine.
They make my cheeks blush.
Both speaking in tongues.
What a spiritual rush!
Our bed like a cloud,
while your feet I caress.
Two bodies entangled.
One beautiful mess.
The sound of you breathing,
to the tempo of love.
Like prayers being answered,
by whispers above.
Your dreams on my heart,
with your head on my chest.
Never closer to heaven,
this whole Earthly quest.
Remember these feelings,
when time seems too long.
Don't let lonliness fool ya.
This flame rages on! ! !

L.K. Sorrows 5-24-2014

by Little King of Sorrows

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