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The Flames Of Death
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The Flames Of Death

Poem By Clint Tilley

As the flames erupt. You look forward to see something you don't want to see.
Death stands before you with his scythe. He speaks to you. 'You're comin' with me.'
You get on your knees and beg for him to let you live another day to say goodbye.
He shakes his head and raises his hand. 'I can't let you do that. For today is when you die.'
You beg him even more but he justs shakes his head.
Death points at you and speaks with anger. 'You should be dead! '
You look at him and turn and run. The flames erupt before you as you flee.
Death chases closely behind. Scythe in hand. 'You aren't meant to be! '
You are trapped by the flames as Death comes behind you. 'Please no! '
Death swings his scythe and says. 'Sorry. But you must go.'
You cry as blood spews from you. You cry and tears douse the flames around you.
Death laughs as he leaves. The flames return too take you. You're life shall begin anew...
'In Hell! ' Death yells as the clock tolls...

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