The Flaming Sword Of Light

My will, not willing to comply
A upcoming storm up to a rise
Silence stands still tonight
The rain will try
Filling the lake full of lies

Yet the water can't quench the flames
For my weapon seeks only the truth
The sword of light
Reaper of all lies
Shall my soul be safe tonight

The sword of light shall keep me awake
Is will take the lies revealing the truth
The flames of it's holy light shall burn away the hate
My sword takes a hypocrite and sends it to Hade's crew

Upon their burning eyes
All I see is regret
The sword reveals all
Concealing my soul, their demons shall fall
The flaming sword of light, protector of all

My defence is my weapon
The flaming sword of light
It will defend me tonight
Keep the parisites of Hade's away
For sleep I shall stay

The internal flame of the sword
Shall burn them away
The light will forever shine
Blinding the demons of the night
The sword of light is mine

Protecting my soul from curruption
The innocence of a child's mind
Will stay protected
From the lies and dispise.
The heaven's light, and the flame from hell
In this sword will stay alive
The flaming sword of life.
Shall it protect me tonight


by Elisha De La Rosa

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