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The Flight
MK (21st July / Nairobi)

The Flight

this is your travel agent speaking
telling you the flight plan
make your way to the airport
check in at the counter
find your way to immigration
the frisking you receive is so good
suddenly you want to be airborne

the immigration desk clears you
you slowly make your way to the airplane
really looking forward to the flight
where all your fantasies will be fulfilled
the climax is when you touch the sky
over and over again touch the sky
you will come to your destination feeling so good

finally your dream begins to be realized
the flight has just begun
initially you are nervous
…but eventually you relax
the flight captain looks at you
invites you back to his cabin
he has the equipment to make you fly

mister five foot eleven is taking you to heaven
anxiety grips you…it grips him too
he moves really close to you…you encourage him some more
you interlock your lips…he grabs you by the hips
his hands navigate your body…caressing you all over
he guides your hands to that vital navigation instrument
the joystick…

you are in control of the joystick
hard…firm…guaranteed to bring you joy
you massage it…slowly fit it in its slot
it feels good as it just sinks in
you and your pilot are gaining altitude…soaring like eagles
you go up and down…in and out of the clouds
around the world both of you come to many destinations

over the radio communication you announce to the control tower
“we are coming…E.T.A 0830 hours”
everywhere you fly to…you announce your coming
it is a fantastic flight…comfortable in all positions
from the one invented by missionaries to more exotic ones
you seem to be getting superb action and satisfaction
all this is happening aboard the flight…

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