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The Flight Downunder
JP Jona PoloRamirez ( / Canada)

The Flight Downunder

Breakfast over, two hours to destiny
Jittery feelings, a question of memory.
Emotional attachment pictured in the clouds
An answer to feelings revealed but in a doubt.

Recall how it felt then flying towards me
A distant journey a harsh reality I see,
Too late a message, its significance in shroud
Meaning too late to acknowledge and enfold.

The past gone by, the clouds look up to me
A beckon to entice give up the memory,
Beyond the clouds an image ne'er to set free
The vivid thoughts - I hang on too deeply.

There it will stay on but not physically
A dream - a wish - suspended sans reality.
But then your presence herein with me
Forever stays - it is my destiny.

Plane touches down my fleeting feet trod
A breath of foreign air a challenge to my
Pining memory, the distance of our space
Spanned by the air we breath, and yet to me
It says, our destiny awaits...

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