The Floating Cloud

I saw the cloud floating in pride,
With the sun taking her on ride.
Not long after, a seperation thrives,
A broken cloud travelling so fast.
The broken cloud joins the foam-y-one,
Giving it anawesome look.
Sooner or later it moves on,
Leaving it the way it before look.
These are how friends are,
Some comes around to give scar.
They don't tends to stay long,
They add a little meaning to your life and their gone.
They makes you feel special,
Dazes you with honour like unto a marshal.
But don't be bewitch'd 'cos he won't stay,
When you notice such, better pray.
Don't be upset when they leave,
'Cos they're bound to go like withered leaf.
When they depart from you,
Seize the impact they've made and combine it with your rule.
Comes many years and days,
They'll be useful just a-day.
Do not send them away,
They'll surely go, but suffer them a-stay.

by Adeyemi Joshua

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