EJM ( / Sierra Leone)

The Flood

The heavens opened up
And the rains came down
Pouring out like a broken tap
Giving height to the flowing waters
First, to the ankle then to the knee
And suddenly, all around floats
With gravity defying force

Cars tumbled, homes washed away
Like twigs on a rushing creek
Leaving nothing standing in its path
People swam and others drowned
But the waters ceased not
Until the heavens drained out
Bequeathing a ghastly aftermath

Unto the same heavens
Many eyes are lifted up
From whence cometh the rains
And whence cometh help
Only thou canst save your people
Through the overwhelming floods
Help! Thou creator of the elements
Let your people see respite again


by Edgar James Momoh

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Nature had dictated that it will come and go Man has yet to find a plan to stem the flow thanks for sharing