The Flow Released

I don’t know where to start
I for sure as hell don’t know where to end
I don’t know if I’ll finish
I don’t know if I can begin

But I will try and write down
All my emotions onto this document
Without thinking just writing
Hoping it was time well spent

So let’s start with the truth
Of how I feel about things
About how you think it’s pain
But happiness is really what you bring

There will be no punctuation
As a symbol of how my feelings won’t end
I cry weep shed tears and feel like a woman
Don’t judge me for it please but I can’t let it all go

I have come so far
I have come from many
Failed attempts at happiness
And failed attempts at friends

Don’t let this be a failure
Don’t just give up before we launch
All systems are go as I have said before
You have me and no one else will

You can say what you need
To get through whatever pain you feel
You haven’t really let me know
But know this that mine is real

It’s not so much pain
As it is anguish to know
That the woman I may love
Feels the same but follows her head

Listen to your heart
When it’s calling for you
Isn’t the term you need
But rather a new one

Listen to your heart
When I’M calling for you
You have said it before
You don’t want to be right

I can be your superman
Not the kind that marshal speaks of
But the real superman
One who would spin the world back

Just to give you what you wished
To have met earlier than now
To have realized what could have been
Before it was too late to begin

So there is the beginning
Of what I wish could be
I wish I could find a lamp
To unleash the genie

To wish for that one power
That you wished for as well
For your wish would then be our wish
And then just as now I would be under your spell

by Elliott Gilbert

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