AN (8/20/78 / Columbus, IN)

The Flower Left In The Sun To Long

I'm the flower left in the sun to long

I wilt away and feel like I don't belong

Then comes the rain with the promises of a better day

Then rain never stops and I am drowning in broken promises

And for now the sun my petals miss

The sun shines and once again I think I am happy

The night goes and morning comes

I find all these weeds beside me... sucking the life right out of me

I feel myself wilt again

The weeds killed my seedlings

They will never grow

Trapped beneath the soil the beautifulness of life they will never know

Theres no one to care for me

I am the flower that decorates the rose but the rose itself I will never be

The second to be noticed and the first to break

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Amanda, your words are like the petals of a gorgeous flower! ! They are sensitive, they deserve to be cared for and respected.They're precious! May the sun shine on you every morning and for the whole day! A very sensitive young woman is, undoubtedly, noticed immediately.Keep writing. Hugs, Maria C. Costa
hmm..very tocuhing poem! ! ! !
Roses are overrated. Those sunny daisies like you are the bright ones, with sun in your skin. Don't let too much of anything get you down. Xs and Os, Colette