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The Flower Of Peace Will Bloom Again

They tell us who our enemies are and those who we ought to fear
But any real plan for World peace from them we never hear
And how much more of the Planet Earth are they going to destroy
And how many more have to suffer and how many more have to die?

Before they come to realize the great damage they have done
For through bullets and bombs and fighter planes the peace is never won
And before they come to realize perhaps for us all too late
That a World where terror is widespread they too helped to create

To the sufferings of others they seem totally blind
And they too are a huge threat to the survival of human kind
And in decades from now the future generations will recall
That they and those they waged war on were despots one and all.

For the mistakes of the present in the future we must pay
And we create our own reality it has always been that way
But that's what happens when we give to the power hungry power
Still the flower of peace will bloom again and it is a lovely flower.

Yes the flower of peace will bloom again and this time never die
And centuries of World harmony human kind will enjoy
For the future generations will be wise enough to see
That you don't give power to people who will poison harmony.

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