You Are Dark

You are dark complexioned daughter
It sends me smile and roars into laughter
In family you are only one not sought after
You are most loved by me and lovelier

What a beautiful deep holes on your cheeks?
I always wanted it to be seen and seek
You were in your happy mood and moved
The color is not important and you really proved

You were precious diamond in my eyes
All my thoughts and ideas definitely fly
I look towards sky and aimlessly wonder
Why the dark clouds are always making thunder?

They are deep, full of rain water and dark
What do they deliver and actually embark?
Do they bring all happiness for mankind?
All these thoughts made me very kind

I will shower my all love to her
I will never make her to cry or bother
She will come to me for any answer
I will be lost in her and forced for love to shower

I will move my hand on her head
Gently reminding her of lovely read
How I love and always think of her future?
She will simply smile as if not all worried about future

She was in no way looked inferior
She was excellent and superior
Not only had she excelled in alround show
She promisingly showed determination to grow

I used to remind her of very good smile
“You are going to win world for a while”
She will stare at my eyes only to believe
At words to ascertain and feel relieved

I tried to convey her that she was the best and loved
Her color did not bother me or feelings holed
On the contrary it made me to think of her more
I loved her more and more and really swore

She has grown today to full womanhood
All eyes are on her even from neighborhood
It increases my concern for her coming days
I am searching an answer for her comfortable way

Jokingly I used to remind her of lovely smile
She may go away from us by many more miles
We may miss her absence for all the times to come
She was allowed to express her views and always welcome

“You will bring whole world to your knee”
As your smile may be worth millions and free
Where peace of mind will be at far distance?
You will make it worth in your presence

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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