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'The Flowing Darkness'

These dreams I have
They have haunting me so
But yet they seem so real to me
So dark and evil
But yet so vivid
I know this
And I kno that
But they still seem so gloomy
I see them so clearly now
And as I watch
The darkness pulls its covers over me
Over the dream
It now covers us
Its secluding us
All I want is to get out
Im feeling so alone with this dream
But Ive been having more dreams
Of this dangerous place
This dark and gloomy world
Yet so vivid these places may be
I then wake up
The darkness had shattered my windows
It has broken in
Its enters my room
Its has entered into my body
It now just flows into my soul
It has finnaly shattered my soul into pieces
Leaving me here
Broken and alone
Will this darkness ever leave me
or am I doomed to lie here
In ever lasting torment and pain
Was this what I was put here to be
Be the one trapped by the darkness withen me

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