The Fly

A little fly
Upon a wall
Though not too big
And not too small
But just a fly
Upon the wall.

But then a Froggie
Came his way
And said to him
Don’t fly away
But listen, Fly
To what I say.

The little fly
Upon the wall
Just listened to
The Froggies call,

He thought that he’d
Not fly away
But list to what
The Froggie say.

Then suddenly
From out his mouth
The Froggies tongue
Went north and south,

A little flick
A little care
A little fly
No longer there.

The moral of
This story is
Just go about
And mind your biz,

Not like a fly
Upon a wall
Who listens hard
To one and all

But hearing not
What others say
Just turn your back
And fly away.

by George Savige

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Enjoyed this one. I wrote one about insects, called 'The Proposal', they are certainly fun to write about. Sincerely Ernestine Northover