(26 DEC 1943 / Wyandotte MI)

The Fly On Einstein's Wall

If I could be a fly on Einstein’s wall
I’d buzz about from chair to curtain.
Watching him check out plans and gadgets
And scratch remarks on his papers
When the clock edged to noon his stomach would growl.
He'd stretch and fold up the prints and say,
“It’s a relatively short walk to the café.”

With Albert out I’d take the run of the place -
Practicing banks and dips and vertical lifts.
I’d munch on scraps of Brie and fowl
Left fused to the edge of his table.

When the key turned the tumblers
I’d buzz back to the wall and wait to learn
Whatever the young sage might chance to say.
He’d return to his desk to file his reports
And stack them neatly into a tray.

Without warning he’d rise straight out of his chair
Scattering papers across the floor.

“MASS AND ENERGY ARE ONE, ” he’d shout, -

I’d buzz and swoop and fly circles and loops
And taxi in on his collar.
I’d beat my wings to cool his brain.
But wait…Whose voice do I hear?
Oh, it’s you gentle reader.

“Stop, hold it right there, damned pest!
It couldn’t have happened that way!
Have you no shame or respect for God’s truth? ”

But I’d stare you down with my compound eye
And scornfully twitch my wings.
Consider this, troubled sir,
You’re the one scolding a talking fly.

by Robert Charles Howard

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For some reason Satie comes to mind when first reading this clever piece that begins with a flash of brilliance and concludes with a slap in the face. This has all the charm and wit of an off beat cartoon and enough 'fact' to make it even quite fascinating. So clever. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
The way you have put it is simply great! Mass & energy are one, crushed by time! I do feel lucky today to come across a great music composer & director with whom I share the same year of birth! We are both time travellers! -Raj Nandy New Delhi 07 Jun 08
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I loved this, and I am especially partial to anything on Einstein, Bukowski, or Van Gogh. They're just asking for poems, aren't they? Very original! Cheers, Lori
Robert, you have a quirky, engaging point of view - loving it! Thank you for brightening my day. Sure hope the fly survived the idiot, by the way! Esther : ]
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