The Fool From School

It now is time.
I'll have to tell the world.
And never did I ever
mean to do this.
Regardless of,
what peers today
I will come out.

The girl I love is
no one you would know.
She is the sweetest,
loveliest of all.
She walks around
as if the world could
well ignore her.

I am afraid,
I tell you with
that someone bigger,
better, smarter comes along.
And takes her on his horse
to distant fields,
she would forget
her home,
and me the
fool from school.

What do you think?
She loves me and
I love her.
Would all this count enough
to seal
our pact forever?

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (3)

It must be my hidden side. Only known to my kindred spirits. H
You are getting all sweet and romantic Herbert......You're doing a good job at it too!
I love this romantic side of you. Your newest poems are very beautiful. Sincerely, Mary