The Foolish Speaking English

To learn the Language English
To a cheater went a foolish
Village Indian, not very old,
Not so young, but middle aged.

The cheater gave him words three
And charged a heavy sum, as fee.
'Yes, no, alright' he was told,
To reply whatever anyone asked.

There was a body dead,
Midway on the road.
He stood at that spot
To know the matter what?

A police man, who came behind,
Asked him three questions to find,
Who killed the dead person,
Lying unclaimed by any one?

'Did you kill this person? '
'Yes' replied the innocent man.
'Was there present any one
When you killed this man? '

'No' said the foolish man.
'Will you come to the station? '
'Alright, ' said he, with no hesitation.
And was led to the police station.

When the fool was rough handled,
He cried aloud and replied
'The three words I was taught
I can use now, what I thought? '

'I didn't do the killing,
But was just watching
And became a victim
Of someone's crime.'

He was let off free
And ran away to see
His wonderful English tutor,
A first rate missing cheater.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

Comments (4)

a hilarious plus interesting write sir...i take this into my favs
How come I never read this one before? ! It was hilarious.... Preets
Hehehehe, thats why use ur mother tongue
Great story here Rajaram. Very nice. Sincerely, Mary