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The Football Grand Final Scapegoat

Most of those who knew him thought he was not good enough
He could not measure up when the going did get tough
In the Grand Final he wilted under pressure with the game to be won
When he could have become the town's favourite son.

On the final siren he did take the mark that should have won the game
And he had the chance for to make for himself a name
Thirty metres out straight in front of the posts his side two points down
Had he kicked a goal he'd be toast of the town.

His poorly placed kick slightly curled in the wind
And went through the one point posts to record a behind
From the opposition fans a thunderous roar
By a single point their team had kicked the winning score.

After that disappointment last September he gave football away
In his life's twenty first year he'll be twenty two in May
But the past it has gone can't keep a good one down
And this week he is the hero of the town.

At the fire in Donello's house a boy's cry for help he did hear
At the risk of great danger to his life he conquered the fear
He went into the flames and dragged nine year old Franscesco out
When true courage was needed his was not in doubt.

Mr and Mrs Donello lost their home to the fire but their son's life he did save
In the gap of danger only the bravest are brave
He saved a young life which is more important than all of the Grand Finals ever played
Yet for him for that there won't be a parade.

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