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The Footprints In My Heart
JD (1970-06-05 / Johannesburg)

The Footprints In My Heart

Poem By John Doe

My heart looks like a beach
After a long summers day
Absolute chaos
A whole life of people
Or just a day of chaos

When my heart
was just like a beach
early morning
just as the sun came up

washed clean of all that came before
not a print
unblemished by peoples disregard
for it is clean of all chaos

then I let the first person in
who walked a long trail
lonely path cut into fresh sand
serenity has come beauty

the first footprint
interrupted by a calm wave
sweeping to interrupt the first sign
of someone walking on my heart

then as the time drags on the beauty changed
more people than just one
disrupting my clean beach
walking, jumping, lying on my beach

the beauty changed to chaos
but for one thing
the footprint of love
of care that the beauty should not be touched

then hurt of the careless one
leaving their dirt behind
muddy footprints of a careless child
a conceited adult

so during the erosion of my beach
day in day out
night for night
cleaning and sweeping

but for those
careless footprints
of the one who used the beach
with no care

for what damage they do
they destroyed
the beautiful beach
the beautiful heart

so the question is
will with time
this beach
heal and find its beauty again

will the footprints of the new day
come back and make
the heart forget
those days of chaos

I wait for the one person
Early one morning
To make new footprint
Not one set, but two

One for me and one for her
New footprints on my heart

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briliant poem , i like the way you compared your heart to the beach, very orignal, it is like that if you think about it, so many poeple just carelessly running around, very good, i like this one...