The Footprints Of Infinity

I do feel in silence
The footprints of Infinity
Deep inside me
Amid the dancing energy in my body
Showering boundless joy
Then I also spontaneously see
The footprint of Infinity
In and around me
All through my sensual universe
In its innate splendor
Amid enticing beauty
And, I am drawn into that wonder
With a child's simplicity
In boundless curiosity
Who is this overflowing Infinity?

What's the basis of her beauty?
Comes the answer spontaneously
"For you and I, my dear
To get to know each other better"
And I am besieged once again
By the silent voice of my beloved!
Playing hide and seek!
In this unique temple of my body
Staying nearer than the nearest
So the game goes on
Amid endless fun filled fidelity!
- - - - - - - - - - -

by Tushar Ray

Comments (10)

A beautiful abstract poem on Infinity- which I think is: In many I find me, and in me so many'. .
Your poetry leaves one agape... with the rare and beautiful concept of infinity... I have traversed beyond the beyond of infinity...and found there is so much left out of bound from man's mind... to research the limitless bounds of what is eternity...where do eternity and infinity meet...then when I return to human mundanity I find both lie in our thoughts...between you and me... what is eternity... what's only and all fantastic imagery... beyond the beyond of Time's domain...everything may vanish...but infinity, eternity and Time shall ever and perhaps I only in name... just short of a while..and that too maybe not actually..lovely poety scientist
Tushar this is certainly a beautiful, artistic flow of words, expressed in high degree emotionally. Looking on in amazement at the slowest movement of our universe, curiously pondering its mysterious envelope while observing its mysterious rhythm... Love your poem.....
Infinity is a concept mystifying and puzzling which is beyond the grasp of human comprehension. Still we know it is there. What else can we do other than look at it with child like curiosity! A beautiful rendering of the intertwining bond between man and that infinite power. Top marks!
Beautiful poem. To see this infinite universe with childlike curiosity offers the best rewards. Inner and outer world so vividly connected here. Thank you for sharing.
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