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The Forbidden Road- 1 -
CS (24th -5th dec -jan 1789 / Planet Mars)

The Forbidden Road- 1 -

Hey! Hi she said wasuuze otya nno nyabo? Bulungi oh! I thought you didn’t know luganda! Why? Well you don’t look it. I don’t like it she replied..
“Did you send that message? ” She asked. Not because she did not know who was most likely to have sent the message but because the previous message had not come from the usual number that she knew.
“What message? ” fray had replied as if he didn’t recall every single word.
“The one you sent” the memories came flooding through his mind word by word the way he had taken care in selecting them;

I had my dreams in view when some sod
With ultra whimsy than me character, enough wad
Of dollars, came and crushed me down and took off with them.
On my feet again and I’ve seen new dreams
But this time I’ll be the one to crush them.
Hi Emilia!
Yes, what’s wrong with it? I don’t like those messages! I’ve never asked you to like my messages, have I? I don’t like them she retorted. Who cares huh? Who cares? What’s wrong with you Emilia? You’ve changed a lot what’s wrong with you? How am i? No Emilia goodbye! He hanged up.

He had lost her officially, he had never felt so helpless, he spent the rest of the day thinking all sorts of things, …may be the friend was winning her, … may be she did not like his childish attitude, … may be, … may be, may be, may be, he tried a cigarette but it did not help. After several hours of thinking he thought may be there was no need to loose her completely you could save it he thought.He picked his phone, straight to the message section and wrote;

I should ’ve known the dreams,
Themselves can also crush! Thanks for being gutsy though.
And don’t council 27th please!
27th was a day proposed by vlada her friend to take fray and Clarence out to dinner or some thing in that line.if Emilia had counceled 27th, it would’ve affected both Clarence his friend and vlada, and in this case fray would’ve been the one to blame. While he mopped for the next two days he smoked and switched brands of cigars trying to hide the pain but it was all over the walls. The sound of the wind whispered Emilia. Occasionally he would mumble words like no please you can’t do this to me Emilia can’t you see that I love you and the like. While he sat eyes staring lazily into the ceiling, the radio whispering a beautiful country…he didn’t ’ve to wake up... a hit by Darius R, he grabbed his nokia straight to the messages section and wrote;

“I was warned about crying like a woman
For what I cant defend like a man. Lol
I can’t help laughing. But that was years ago …
You mean I can’t even say hi?
But that would be pretty much …..Eh?
Cant wait to hear from you face to face”......................

..........to be continued in a month's time........

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This is really beautiful and imaginative poem with pathos! I rated 9/10. Thanks for inviting. Read my- I've fallen in love.