The Forest

The Forest
Babbling Brook, Water Flowing
Deer and birds, everyone's showing
The Lake is nearby showing it's beauty
The bugs and fish are doing their cleaning duty
Walk by the swaying trees
And feel the gentle breeze

Calmness surrounding me
Buzzing around goes the bee
Ducks are quacking in the lakes gentle surf
Fish are swimming claiming their turf
The majestic osprey flying catching fish
Nobody can ruin this peaceful bliss

Here comes the rain, gentle as the breeze
I hope the lightning just doesn't hit me
I hope it stays like a gentle sea
The rain is starting to decease
Clouds clearing making for the sun
Awe silence, a long silent stun
Down goes the rain, and up goes my peace
Another beautiful sunset, for another beautiful day

by Nick Perla

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Like the sky making love to the trees...