The Forest

We have been through so much together,
Blood spilt entwined forever.

Through the forest we must run,
Alone both of us have tried,
Parts of us have died.

Best friends we can make it,
You will trip
And break

Hurting on the ground I watch you in pain,
I fall, hurting
Because you are bleeding

Your broken body I will bring back together
Hoping this time you will be better
I pick you up and when you are strong
Stand you up, a statue so tall

I will fall
Looking up at you
Hoping you will come down
And help me too

When you do,
The pain on the outside still
But the love and care we feel
Within ourselves
Is much more real

Forever running through this dark forest
Sounds and shadows always scare us
Happy we are trying to get out together
Because alone both of us have tried
And both of us have died

Always we hurt
Everyday a new scar
I cannot heal your wounds
I can only mend them with care

Running faster
The wounds get worse
So anxious to get out
An ending no doubt
Life will be so much better
Out of this forest forever
We will still hurt sometimes
Someone else will be there though
We won't forget each other
We just have another

But when the other can't pick us up
We will come back together
Our blood entwined forever

by Fidelis Patronus

Comments (5)

I'm back! ! ! My name was hellp because my mother found my poems and back tehn i had poems that were alot more intense. about suicide, religion, and sex. My mom banned me from the site and made me delet all my poems. (my mom and family r VERY strong christians) i changed my name and deleted only some of my poems. My name was hellp cuz i felt like i was in hell and i REALLY needed help. i was so scared. I'v never been on the website for years and then i got an email today that sed i hada comment on one of my poems...i read all of the commments i missed and it totally inspired me to continue my poetry. I changed my name and i will try 2 pick up where i left off...i havn't written poetry since i got caught...thankyou so much for ur support
Liked the ending 'Our blood entwined forever '. Good one.
all i can say is 'wow'...
You do Melissa proud with this piece
Dedicated to my good friend Melissa Harris (Missy)