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The Forgotten Irish

Lloyd George invited them to come and fight for us and Ireland of British rule we will set free
And they young adventurous and brave though naive as can be
Thought the proposition of the British Prime Minister was quite a good idea
And to fight under the Union Jack they readily did agree

The young men who left Ireland in their teens and early twenties to fightin a war far away
Are not even remembered in their homeland today
Since Lloyd george reneged on his promise to them in honour he did lack
Self government to the Irish by him was not given back

For the World War one brave young men of Ireland in Ireland never a street parade
And from the war history of their homeland their sacrifice has been allowed to fade
They believed they were fighting for Irish freedom but thought had proved them wrong
Today they are not remembered in story and song

Mother Ireland in the first World War lost many a brave young son
They proved themselves as heroes when the war was to be won
The self government for Ireland that they fought for Ireland then did not receive
They are never celebrated in their homeland because Lloyd George they did believe.

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