The Form Of Solemnisation Of Matrimony

I take thee to my wedded wife,
(A marriage full of heartache and strife) ,
To have and to hold,
(Emotions gone cold) ,
From this day forward,
(A promise that never more could) ,
For better or worse,
(To fight, hate and curse) ,
For richer or poorer,
(Firm ties grow much sorer) ,
In sickness and in health,
(Two hearts lacking in wealth) ,
To love, cherish and obey,
(Until we go our separate ways) ,
Till death do us part,
(Or a deep hole in the heart) ,
According to God's holy ordinance,
(Is it not worth one more chance?) ,
And thereto I give thee my troth,
(And years of pent-up, spiteful wrath) ,
With this ring I thee wed,
(We no longer share one bed) ,
With my body I thee worship,
(All our lives we let it slip) ,
And with all my wordly goods I thee endow,
(Our love is lost, it's too late now) ,
In the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost,
(A life alone I now fear most) .

by Katy Fulker

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