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The Former Flower Of Kirkstall

Her hair was as dark as the wing of a crow
But as is said of age on beauty it does show
In her physical prime she was the Flower of Kirkstall
In the Koroit countryside then the fairest of all

Though her former beauty she will never regain
Her blue eyes some of their beauty does retain
Though she does not have a partner or was never any man's wife
Her daughter's two teenage sons carry her genes in life

The former Flower of Kirkstall has known of a better day
With dark hair dye she cloaks her natural gray
Much heavier now than when in her life's prime
As is said of beauty it does lose out to time

In the Melbourne eastern suburbs from her first home by car five hours away
The former Flower of Kirkstall she is aging today
Though not quite the beauty she once used to be
She is quite attractive for one of sixty three

The finest of her homeplace four decades ago
But as is said of time it becomes everyone's foe
Once the Flower of Kirkstall of the coastal Moyne Shire
In her prime years one many young men did admire.

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