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The Former Moyne Shire Rose

With anti ageing creams and brown hair dyes she hides her wrinkles and
And clearly she has known of a far better day
In her physical prime her shoulder length hair was as dark as the wing of a crow
The once pride of the Town where the dark Moyne waters flow

Her husband to live with one younger has gone
But without him life for her as usual goes on
A grandmother in her mid sixties she wears stylish clotes
But nowadays one far younger than her is The Moyne Shire Rose

She was The Moyne Shire Rose when in her life's prime
Though this is going back many Seasons in time
She had many suitors but fell for the wrong man
Suppose few things in love ever does go to plan

Single and ageing without a partner in her life
To an unfaithful man for years quite a good wife
Perhaps as a divorcee until death she will stay
Love's hurt can make one wary it seems true to say

The former Rose of The Moyne Shire is fighting time's decay
Though looking well for her years she has known of a better day
She was a rare beuty three decades ago
But time that rusts iron has become her foe.

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