The Former Young Rose Of The Town

The eggs and bacon on the frying pan are frying with a sizzle
And she looks out her window on the morn as the rain comes down in drizzle
A spinster in her late sixties alone though she doesn't feel lonely
There are many like her living on their own she is not the one and only.

With her old mates at the local tennis court Andy, Joan and Denis
Two mornings a week she enjoys their three sets of mixed doubles tennis
At the social club she often plays bridge and she enjoys line dancing
And no time in her busy life for old fashioned romancing.

She did have a few love affairs though she will tell you not many
And the only man she ever loved his name was Ginger Danny
Left her for another years ago though at the time she felt heavy hearted
She does not regret it any more that their life course has parted.

Her friends more important than any man to her though when she was young and twenty
She was the young Rose of the Town and of suitors she had plenty
She had a few brief love affairs with Jim and handsome Larry
But she fell out of love with them and others they did marry.

This morning she will not play tennis due to the inclement weather
she will go down to the Club rooms instead for a coffee get together
With her tennis playing mates for an hour or two she enjoys socializing
Not all who live alone are loners that should not sound surprising.

The fries are sizzling on the pan and the kettle it is boiling
As she looks out on the drizzling rain yet to herself she's smiling
She will go out to join her mates for coffee at eleven
The former young Rose of the Town and life for her is heaven.

by Francis Duggan

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