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The Forsaken Truth.

but still at times you need to repeat my name
under a hushed voice because you like the sweet taste
it leaves on your lips
it leaves you feeling perfect and free as a bird
when you say my name
it makes you feel as though youre on top of the world; the boss
you enjoy that it leaves you feeling superior
superior to all the others who have said my name, touched me
and that bugs you to an extent
because that means someones been there before you
you dont want that.
you want to be number one in my books
you continue on touching me ever after
ive repeatedly asked you to discontinue
in a sick twisted way it turns you on
the fear in my voice, the taste in my sweat
you know im terrified out of my mind
harder, and harder you continue
your voice is beginning to sound quicker, rough, and graspy
then all of a sudden it stops
hes breathing very heavily beside me
and i lay there limpless like a smushed worm
not knowing what to do.
'HELP! HELP! ' i scream, yet no one hears me
the television is too loud for a screach to get by
i scream even louder this time
and he socks me, and beat me until im black and blue
i know i dont have much time less
hes grabbing everything rapidly
and puts me in a potato sack
i try fighting with all my life
still its of no use, i can feel my enegery slipping away
a gew minutes later, im curled up limpless in the sack
- if only i hadnt of accepted that lollipop

by Lulu Muffin

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