The Foundation Of The Heavens

Chairman of
The Foundation of the Heavens
Chariot of the torn wheel
And burning axle
The moon was bleeding
But on the face
That looked away from Earth
Poet Seer of Earth
Saw it not

The rushes and the waters
Bathed by yew smells
Floated slow and by
The cemetery walls
Where at rare times
Black shadowy rats
The cemetery reasons not
But restless raves

The vast hole dug
In the rocks by
For the tombs by
Lies silhouette
From the search light moon
O! this Earth is of tombs
And loves their blue-black
Colors of the Night
And standing silhouettes.

Bite the waters, bite gurgling
The moon as midnight deepened
Became red and started

A wolf call stood calling
The dun smoke of
The tomb-smells stinking
Tombs creaking
Lids moving and appalling.

Life here comes
At last.

To save this history
The suspension of Immortality.

by Emmanuel George Cefai

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Aloha George... Holy William Henry Pratt, Batman! What a return to the 1930's... great flicks and common sense jests... all puns aside... nice piece of word work... all of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michael.