The Fourth Of July In Elgin

My country 'tis of thee, "Sweet Land of Liberty." "America the Beautiful"
belongs to you and me! From North to South, from East to West, the
American flag of red, white, and blue, with it's banners, stars and stripes
forever will wave high and everywhere and as always, within view!
America is beautiful, the best place anyone could be and once again, we
celebrate the birthday of, "This Our Great Country!" As, we pledge
allegiance, to the flag, with hands across our hearts and heads held high,
let us reflect on, America's love, of "Liberty and Freedom," as our "Only
Case of Do or Die! "Based on idealistic dreams, backed with hard work,
blood, sweat, laughter, tears and pride was "How This Country Grew!"
with a constitution that guarantees the rights, of "Life, Liberty and
Happiness, " these three, "Being everyone's Right to Pursue!" Our lands
hymn, "Our Republic's Battle Cry" and we state "In God We Trust!" "Our
Statue of Liberty" greets everyone, who comes, to "The Land of the Free,"
and "Our Belief In This Is A Must!" So, let us march, to the beat, of the
drummer and salute the parade passing by, then when nighttime appears,
join the applause and the cheers, as "The Fireworks Light Up The Sky!"
Elgin welcomes one, "One and All!" and on this promise, "You Can Rely!"
You will have the best day, of your life, "Here in Elgin," "Here In Elgin
on The Fourth of July!"

by Elizabeth Ann Moritz

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